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Star Trek Adventures - Intergalactic - S01E02 - Time and Again

June 20, 2018

Sponsored by Archer straight up commits genocide, and the show never addresses it again

So, we are at Time and Again. The first few episodes are kinda dull, and really stilted. I think we start to hit our stride here and play it more fast and loose with the format. Oh also there’s a season long arc in the background to make the season 1 finale have some kind of arc or payoff, because Voyager’s Season 1 finale was about making a fat blue guy run laps.


Go watch Season 1 Episode 4 “Time and Again” and then this SfDebris review to catch on up. Oh man how are going to pull off Tuvix? Star Trek Adventure’s troupe style play will actually help enable that episode pretty well.

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