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Savage Rifts - Rifts Vs The Star Wars - Introduction

July 4, 2018

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This show is brief and absolutely a comedy. Imagine the goofy sci fi gonzo fo Rifts, and the characters you play in that game. Now imagine those tonally unbalanced characters being sent into the Star Wars cinematic universe circa The Prequels.

We’re going to break down the premise with voice word noises in this episode, and talk about the player characters. There's more stuff going on as well, lots of shameless references.

This game uses the Savage Rifts version of Savage Worlds and Rifts.

Check up on RedLetterMedia’s Prequel reviews, im not going to bother linking them because that's a lot of work when I have to relink them for future when I post this in other places, just trust me, its a lot of work for something you can just google.

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