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Godbound - The Storms of Yizhao - Episode 01

October 30, 2017

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We run through the godbound adventure “The Storms of Yizhao”. Quote sine Nomine:

Heaven's fury lashes the city of Yizhao. Its governor is helpless to discover the crime that has so enraged the celestial Pattern. The grandees of the city maneuver against each other and plot their own purposes in the face of the city's woe, suspicion and avarice driving their private schemes.The city's very existence is at stake as an ancient law and a present wickedness clash in the skies above. Can the pantheon avenge this hidden evil without bringing ruin upon the innocent?


Significant to this podcast is that this is the second time we have attempted running the adventure. After our first run through we scrapped the episode and created an alternate take on the adventure we call “The Yang Version” that we felt focused the adventure in a direction that suited our tastes more. To see the document check it here Storms of Yizhao Yang Version. Be warned that reading that document will spoil the mystery of what is going on.

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