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Godbound - Evicting Epistle - Introduction

September 7, 2018

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We have returned to Godbound for a full campaign now that the Lexicon of the Throne has been published. Welcome to the Evicting Epistle, a primordial realm at the dawn of creation, being invaded by colonists escaping the dying future of the world’s end.

The player characters are newly kindled divinites, created by the ripples in time caused by the future colonies shattering the perfect movements of the heavens to enact their escape. What kind of world will they build navigating the conflicts between mythically strong empires of the divine lands and the transhuman magitech colonies from a world where time ran out?

We built a setting primer for this game, you can find it’s google document Here: Evicting Epistle Setting Primer

We also have a website for this game where our documents and maps are hosted which can be found here: Evicting Epistle Website

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