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Fellowship - The Depths - Introduction

November 15, 2019

Sponsored by Inverse Fellowship

We have a new Fellowship game! Remember Fellowship is kind of amazing and we like it a lot, which objectively makes it better than the majority of the games we’ve played. Yes, you can absolutely trash other people's favs to stan your favorites games. That's how the youth talk today.

In this game it is a waterworld, with a variety of cultures that include goo girls, goblins but the interesting kind, badgers, and of course people who are royalty with four arms but for some reason we only ever are introduced two armed people of that culture. It bothers the absolute bejesus out of me and it should bother you too. Why are the Architects a four armed culture but I only ever see two armed members of it? Why even say they are that cool but never actually show it to us? You know just watch the show, you'll be on my side by the end of it.

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