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Exalted vs Chronicles of Darkness - Hologram Summer - Introduction

June 22, 2021

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This is an introduction to our playtest of the upcoming Exalted x Chronicles of Darkness by Holden Shearer. We gush about the system, we talk about the setting, the characters, and gush some more about what you might see a few months down the line when the layout is done.


Exalted x Chronicles of Darkness is a spiritual successor to the Exalted vs World of Darkness game, but using the Chronicles of Darkness setting and rules. It’s less of a power romp through the 90s’ edgy setting, as it is a game about being a hero in a world of horrors big and small. You might still do great deeds, but there are consequences to using this concentrated power in a world that’s a shadow of its primordial self.

You can find more works by Holden following this link - https://holdenshearer.wordpress.com/powered-by-the-dark/ . These include Exalted vs World of Darkness, its Companion, Powered by the Dark (a PbtA version of Vampire and Mage), as well as Exalted vs World of Darkness Apocalypse Edition (a PbtA version of EvWoD).

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