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Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 03 Episode 09

April 24, 2016

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We open this episode with new announcements! Piotr is onboard as the 5th member of the circle. The Royal has joined the party! 


Also the final Exalted 3rd edition was released in the passing week. In celebration of 3 years of waiting for the official rules to go gold we have transitioned to the Godbound ruleset. It wasn't worth the effort muddling through a 700 page 2.5 edition of exalted. Better luck next time?


In this session a new circlemate arrives. Then for some insane turn of fate they decide to go North and attempt to assassinate the Bull of the North. After attempting to shirk that particular promise they made to Tepet Ejava for months the circle has come around to killing Yurgen Kaneko. They also go to Malfeas for a while to prepare and gamble with a Cenobite. Just a very surprising turn of events.

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