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Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 03 Episode 01

February 21, 2016

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Season 3 begins with a bang! The circle calls up Admiral Sand to help him with the favour hes owed. Then they decide to go to Thorns and confront the Mask of Winters. That .... goes pretty much as expected. The session ends with several characters in intensive care and a shockingly high civilian death toll.----more----

Community shout out goes again to Irked from the OP Exalted forum. They really knocked one out of the park this time by compiling the exalted 3rd charms into a plain document and simplifying the charms into plain english mechanics. Just outstanding work Irked. The readability, clarity and straightforward presentation they put to PDF highlights the poor design choices the Ex3 team stuck to with how the charms are written currently. The book versions make the game near inaccessible to new and casual players. Irked's version is something we are currently looking into for using in our game once we see the final PDF being released and compare the two. 



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