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Exalted: OffTopic - Why 3rd Edition Failed. Why Godbound Succeeded.

July 14, 2016
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I was asked to give insight into what our thoughts on both systems were. So we did a takedown and final reflection on Ex3 and our appraisal of Godbound.

In this episode all 6 of us go over the experience we had with about 5 months of Exalted 3rd edition and the about 5 months we have had with the Godbound system. We lay everything out: what worked, what didn't, our observations and personal beliefs and what really rubbed us the wrong way. This covers everything from Mechanics, Flavour, Setting info, Art direction, Layout, Editing, Some off camera Drama from the Kickstarter and the nature of IP and how sticking to old copyright methods will damage your brand.

Major props go out to Godbound and Sine Nomine for the rock star levels of production values, ethics, consumer friendliness, communication and solid art direction. With a few critiques along the way. 


If you are looking for a takedown of what Exalted 3rd is like from 6 people (1 of which had prior experience and 5 who were total newbies for both systems) then this is the Episode for you.

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