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Exalted: OffTopic - A History of EX(posure) 3rd Edition

June 6, 2017

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In this special edition Exalted OffTopic we cover the growing story of Onyx Path Publishing and the controversy surrounding the company's mistreatment of its staff including a longstanding refusal to pay for services rendered.

The information in this episode was gathered from public twitter accounts, interviews with several Onyx Path former and current staff members, and the explosive interactions of company head Rich Thomas with the community.

This episode is companioned with an extensive IMGUR Album documenting these exchanges found here: http://imgur.com/a/aDj92

Onyx Path has outstanding contractual obligations to at least five previous staff members for several projects. Fulfilling these obligations would be an excellent step moving forward.

When companies take advantage of freelancer culture and profit from unpaid work it hurts every aspect of the community. These shortsighted and gluttonous practices rob the people who create the content and products we enjoy of the ability to sustain themselves. This in turn robs all of us of more enjoyable content.

If, after having listened to our episode and read through the provided album, you would like to know what can be done: We would direct you to the White Wolf Publishing contact email address. Found here: info@whitewolf-publishing.com

We encourage you to reach out and ask for confirmation of this unfortunate situation from White Wolf (They license many of their IP’s to Onyx Path Publishing and are the contact level above Rich Thomas who, after checking the facts provided, would have a conflict of interest in this matter)

Remember: Exposure is something you die of. Pay your creative types.

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