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An Important Message About Podcast Quality

December 12, 2015

Hello listeners,

As i'm sure you are aware the podcast's sound quality is sub par. I am aware of this and am learning new things each recording on how to shore up listenability. For instance there was recent digital interference in one of our Exalted episodes because a cellphone was on receiving data next to the mic and as it turns out that kind of thing can interfere with recording. I am also working with a colleague who has actual professional experience with audacity and podcast / band music editing and cleaning up. So once i have a solid handle on how to ungarbage the recordings i will definitely be going back on previous episodes and cleaning up the raws for reupload. We are also looking into getting more specialized hardware.

If you like our show but are getting frustrated with the quality issues, i ask that you please bear with as i am making leaps and bounds with my knowledge of how to fix these issues as they pop up with every episode. 

Till Next Time

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