End Transmission Games: Systems Malfunction - Interview

October 13, 2016
Sponsored by End Transmission Games (For reals this time!)

I interview ETG, An Indie Gaming Micropress, who are gearing up with the launch of their newest kickstarter for a definitive edition of their epic science fiction setting over a decade in the making:Systems Malfunction.

They have sponsored us to run a module of Systems Malfunction in its native system, The Singularity System, called "The Fall of Union Vale" which will be the next episode coming up in this series of podcasts, followed by a closing interview with the ETG staff.

The Singularity System is a setting-neutral toolkit for science fiction roleplaying, adventure, and giant fighting robots in the far future. It takes a wide-open tool kitting approach to adding the content the user wants for their game.

Systems Malfunction is a complete, fully realised Campaign Setting for the Singularity System Roleplaying Game. This book contains a complete setting timeline, in-depth faction overviews, a detailed Galactic Atlas, five unique non-human races, and extensive new rules for Augmentations, Psionic Talents, Aetherial Magic, cloning, and nanotechnology.

Both Systems Malfunction and The Singularity System will be soon leaving DriveThruRPG as the kickstarter launches, so if you are interested in checking out what is to come in the rebuild by seeing what came before you best act now.

End Transmission Games has also published:

You play as Espers, troubled youths whose enormous psychic powers are about to violently awaken. As you grow into your power, you will wield mind-blowing psi talents like telekinesis, pyrokinesis,telepathy, and mind control to push back, hard, against parents,teachers, peers, and the system that has pushed you around and held you down.

You are the Player: Earth, 2471 AD. The only thing that matters is The Game. As a Player - a trained Professional or a conscripted Amateur -you Port into The Splinter with an audience of millions watching your every move. In a VR mega-dungeon of infinite size, you will struggle in conflicts dire, for your very life, and for the entertainment of the masses.

You are the Avatar: The natives of The Splinter - taken by Players as their Avatars - don’t know it’s an ultra-violent spectator sport for Earth. To them, The Splinter is the True Realm: a never-expanding, ever-changing mega-dungeon labyrinth. The inhabitants of the Splinter are as strange as their environment: powerful shapeshifters gifted with the power to alter reality through will alone.