Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 05 Episode 02

October 24, 2016

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The circle comes to terms with the attempted internal backstabbing by largely shrugging it off. Then the Wanderer decides that it is finally time to do a public service for the Wan-Mei Deliberative. God save them all.

Exalted: OffTopic - The Wan-Mei Deliberative: First Age Machinations

November 4, 2016

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In this episode we discuss the plans for immortality the Wan-Mei circle has been working on over their many lifetimes. These range from phylacteries, eugenics, trans-humanism, all the way to social manipulation through language and organisational legacy.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 05 Episode 01

October 17, 2016

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A new season is on us dear listeners. The circle prepares for world wide war on the Realm and its Dynast families. This involves the usual productive amounts of fighting, arguing, screaming, demands, and hand wringing. Eventually a search for a lost artefact happens and Nexus gets some needed attention. Then the First and Forsaken Lion makes his triumphant debut.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 13

October 3, 2016

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The triumphant conclusion of the Autochthonian Odyssey is here. The circle prepares to make war on the Gremlin hoard. They martial their forces and prepare for a final showdown. Allies come together and an old friend makes an appearance. Stay tuned for the grand final of Season 4.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 12

September 26, 2016

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The Gang meets with Autocthonian royalty. Hangs out in a  lavish mansion. Meet back up with Void Within Without. Then try to uncover his overly complicated super villain plan to destroying the Realm, curing Gremlin Syndrome, and wiping out the Gremlin infestation in the elemental pole of smoke. Its all going to succeed, none of it can fail, the Solars are the most fair and just people to walk Creation.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 11

September 19, 2016

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The Gang designs state policies they will never be around to oversee. The Killer Queen and her Not Dad talk about how they Never played catch. A team is assembled to brave Autocthonia and save Void Within Without. then they go and have to avoid the Galaxy Quest style death trap machinery of the Great Makers body. They meet people and things. Events play out linearly. Also they get into a fight with a swarm of monsters and have to run away,

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 09

September 5, 2016

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The Royal throws the most fantastic celebration to celebrate the wonder that is the Solar Deliberative and its uncontested dominion over Creation. This goes pretty well as new Exalts are introduced. Families are reunited, 400 Rabbits shows up again, copyrighted characters are introduced, its a party and the Royal can cry if he wants to. You'd cry too if it happened to you!

Oh also there's a fucking amazing Quiz game played between the Royal and the Killer Queen run by Plentimon.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 10

September 12, 2016

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Part Two of the Royal's party happens. people talk shop about destroying Juggernaut, Zen-Mu is brought up. People go to Denandsor to see the Majestic's works. Then heading to Palanquin happens. not going to lie, the ending of the session got a bit away from us. It happens.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 08

August 29, 2016

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The Circle interrogates the Apostate Juno and learns a great deal of information about the nature of Gremlin Syndrome, Oblivion and Titans. They accompany this discovery with some vivisection and cool headed decision making. Then they go to Thorns to make a deal with the Mask of Winters so they can save Void Within Without from the pull of the Engine of Extinction. It turns out pretty much as you'd expect.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 07

August 22, 2016

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In this episode the circle is shocked that they still perform human sacrifice and has no idea where that tradition even came from. The Killer Queens children sit in on their first magic meeting room session. The Solars discuss evicting MaHaSuchi and his people from their traditional home and relocate them to some sort of island game reserve. Circle tries to figure out who is an Infernal infiltrator around the worlds more prominent Canon NPCs. Then there is a revisit to the original Solar Child celebration. Then an Apostate siege happens at the Mountain Folk city under the Blessed Isle. Cue Epic Music.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 06

August 15, 2016

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The protagonists deal with the fallout of capturing the Infernal nemesis. Including the Nightman being particularly cross about Tepet Ejava having hidden her involvement with the Apostate Juno. We then recap the story of the gremlin containment adventure back when Shockwave was attempting to enter Creation from the north. The circle then decides to go hunt down the Five Metal Shrike with little to no planning, as is their way. Then they go hang out Ma-Ha-Suchi, and that leads to another mirror being found. We all know how those work out.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 04D

August 1, 2016

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The Majestic has his own solo session. He sets up breeding programs for Mayan dinosaurs, Conquers Denandsor, finds an unspeakable horror inside a piece of ancient artifice, the Countess makes her triumphant return to power, and Majestic and Shockwave reconcile and begin working together to further the ancient plan of immortality setup by the previous incarnations of the Solar.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 05

August 8, 2016

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The circle is assembled! Together they: bully gods in Yushan for land, attempt to resolve the complex political relationships of the Autochthonian nations, set a cunning trap for one of the Infernal masterminds, and visit Four Hundred Rabbits. Everything goes better than expected, except for the part with Four Hundred Rabbits: That is an unceasing nightmare they will never awaken from.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 04C

July 25, 2016

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In this solo session The Wolf makes deals with Mountain Folk, enables tr  He kills the Bull of the North. Okay? Fuck Spoilers, don't care. I was there and it was ridiculous. He spent like ten years gaining Yurgen's trust, bonding with his circle, becoming a member of the community and then murders him. Unbelievable! Un-fricking-believable. Whatever! 

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 04B

July 18, 2016

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The second of a series of solo sessions that deal with the solars lives during the 15 year time skip. The Killer Queen has a grand adventure, gathers a team of specialists, goes on an easter egg hunt, has 6 children, uncovers a yozi conspiracy. So about average for her.

Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 03

July 4, 2016

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Exalted: Princes of the Universe - Season 04 Episode 02

June 27, 2016

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